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Organ Transplant: The Implications On Human Lives And The Effects Of Kidney Donors In India

Organ Transplant: The Implications On Human Lives And The Effects Of Kidney Donors In India

With the commendable development made in the field of medical science, the mortality rate has drastically fallen on the graph. This is a big achievement and there is no denying it. Mankind has been greatly benefitted from this. People are getting longer lives and many diseases are being treated which were earlier fatal. Not just this, there are also many and more effective ways of preventing diseases to occur.  This is mostly done by vaccinations. In addition to this, there is also the most recent and one of the most complicated things which is the organ transplant.

The major life-saving technique

Organ Transplant as the name is the transplant of a body organ from one body to another. It is one of the most recent ways to cure an ailment which cannot be cured by medication. Of if there is total degradation of the organ due to some infection or an accident, this is the only way which is applicable. It is not necessary that all transplants take place between two bodies, where one is the donor, who donates the organ and the other is the recipient to accepts the organ. Some transplants, such that of the tissues and grafts also take place in the same body from one part to the other.

The Kidney Transplant and its effects

The kidney is one of the major organs in the body and it is also one of the organs which has the highest number of transplantation cases. One of the major reason being, there are two kidneys in the body. If healthy, man can survive with a single kidney too. This increases the number of kidney transplantation as they can take place if the other vital conditions match, such as the blood group, Rh factors, no ailments and many more such specifications. Whereas for the other transplants, like the heart and lungs, the donor has to be brain dead or in a condition where the normal revival of normal life is almost negligible.

When transplantation takes place, both donor, as well as recipient, undergo many life-changing moments. It is a kind of new life for the recipient as it is somewhat like coming out of a situation where death was inevitable, alive. Transplant is recommended only when there is absolutely no alternative. Additionally, the body has its immune system and anything that is foreign, no matter how well matched, there are pretty good chances that it will be rejected considering it to be a foreign body. Heavy doses of immunosuppressant are administered so that organ is not treated as a foreign body and accepted. Rejection may be fatal for the recipient.

In the case of the donor, a similar thing happens. There is nothing such as the body will reject an organ, but the body metabolism which is designed to be governed by two organs is now to be performed by a single organ. There is strain on the metabolism of the donor. Also, there is emotional turmoil. It takes quite a while to recover from it.

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