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Kidney Transplant Cost In India: Questions And Answers Of These Regularly Asked Questions

Kidney Transplant Cost In India: Questions And Answers Of These Regularly Asked Questions

There are many big names in the field of medicine in India that offer excellent services and facilities within their premises. Kidney transplant is considered to be an expensive and sophisticated task, even a single mistake can cause danger to life and money both. It is very important to have a transplant at a trusted and dependable hospital; you can search the list on the internet as well as you can ask the person who has recently undergone one such of an operation. You might be wondering what is the Kidney Transplant Cost in India? Well, the good news is here, it is quite lower than most countries on the globe. Many patients from foreign come to India for medication and surgeries due to excellent reports and cheap cost. The average cost of Kidney Transplant including surgery and medication is around 3.25 lakhs. There are a few other questions which are needed to be answered and clarify your mind about this transplant. Let’s have a look at the first: –


  • What is the best time to get a transplant?


There is no such thing as the best time to get a transplant. In such cases, the proverb, “Sooner the better” is more than true. You should get the transplant as soon as you are diagnosed and asked for the same.

  • Is a failed transplant being life threating?

No, a failed kidney transplant is not hazardous to human life

You can follow two ways to survive: –

    • Going back or starting dialysis
    • Register for another transplant
  • Which one is better to transplant or dialysis?

Transplant is considered to be much better than staying on dialysis, it improves life expectancy drastically, you no longer need to stay on a dialysis machine as the transplanted kidney works much better. The transplanted kidney is functioning 24-hours a day and removes almost 50-85% of the waste while dialysis is able to remove only 15% of the waste and that too only when you’re on a dialysis machine.

  • How long does a transplanted kidney last?

The transplant rate has an amazing success rate up to 95%, the transplanted kidney is estimated to last over 15-20 years fully functioning in the case of living donors and 10-15 years in case of a deceased donor. Afterward, the patient can undergo another transplant or can switch to dialysis.

  • Do transplanted organs carry hidden disease?

Most of the transplants are quite safe and do not have a chance of any disease. However, there is a chance of developing an infection because transplanted are often done in emergencies.

It is a great option to have your kidney transplanted in India as the success rate is quite high and it is quite cheap when compared to the rest of the world. The Kidney Transplant cost in India is quite cheap and the success rate is much higher. You can find a Living donor for the transplant or can wait for a deceased donor to get your kidney transplanted, meanwhile, dialysis is a good option to continue survival.

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