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Kidney Price: The Generally Asked Questions Across The Globe

Kidney Price: The Generally Asked Questions Across The Globe

A kidney acts as a filtering organ. All the bad and dirty fluids are cleansed with the help of them. Propitiously; we humans are born with a pair of kidneys on our left and right parts of the vertebrae. So that, even if one kidney stops functioning, we have the other one to our rescue, duly fulfilling the task of cleaning fluids in our body.

Let us dive deep into the answers of some of the very important questions that come up regarding kidney transplant and donation:

What should one do if both the kidneys have failed?

In cases of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), i.e. failure of both the kidneys, science has successfully led the conquest. If you can find someone ready for Kidney donation, you can lead your life in a normal manner, since even one workable kidney will suffice. The requisite for such an arrangement would be matching the blood groups of both the recipient and the donor. Rest of the procedures are handled by surgeons and medicinal drugs.

Where can I find the donors?

  • In many countries around the world, it is legally banned to buy and sell a kidney. Hence the most workable option would be to look out for a donor, alive or dead who would be willing to offer his kidney. It could be a relative of the first or second degree, but the whole process of donation and setting the Kidney price has to be entirely overseen according to government regulations.
  • Some countries have non-profit organisations who maintain the whole roster of organs that can be donated, thereby matching the donors and patients.
  • These days the concept of paired exchange in kidney donation is gaining pace. It means that if a family has a donor whose blood type does not match, then they can look among a hoard of other families and look out for a blood type match. If it matches for both the patients, then voila! Half the work is done.

What are the roadblocks in buying a kidney?

As per statistics, there are millions of potential kidney donors in contrast to only a few thousand patients who need them. Still, on average, a person is waitlisted for almost 3-5 years before getting an organ transplant. This is because many people do not wish to go through the pain of getting their bodies lacerated and their organs being removed for donation. Moreover, the Kidney price across the globe seems to be a major cause of concern. Even the families of people who are dead refuse to give up their organs for donation.

What is the price of a Kidney?

Kidney price and the cost of transplant vary from place to place. In the U.S., it can cost somewhere around fifty thousand dollars while in developing economies like India, it costs around five thousand dollars. An average kidney transplant cost in India is anywhere between ten lakhs to thirty lakhs, while the same in U.S. costs around one lakh five thousand dollars.

The dearth of kidney donors is seemingly evident, and the procedures need to be more ethical than ever, for people to seek out for organ transplant and a healthy life after that.


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