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Kidney Donation- An Overview Of The Trends On Organ Donation And Kidney Price In India

Kidney Donation- An Overview Of The Trends On Organ Donation And Kidney Price In India

Every single year, there is a huge demand for organ transplants, especially that of kidneys. For all ages, kidney transplants are performed in huge numbers. Organ donation is the process in which an organ is removed with the help of surgical methods from one human being, who is called the organ donor, and is placed in another human being’s body, called the organ recipient. The need for organ transplantation arises when a person’s organ stops functioning or is affected by injury or disease. Kidney donation can be done by any healthy Indian who is 18 years or above and is willing to do so.

Trends in organ donation

It is recorded that the requirement of a kidney donation due to an end- stage disease is approximately 151- 232 per million of the population. An estimated 2,20,000 people need kidney transplants in India on average. Almost 7500 kidney transplants are taking place throughout 250 centers of kidney transplant in India. 90 percent of the donations are from living donors whereas the other 10 percent comes from deceased donors.

The number of deceased donors has increased since 2012. India has been surveyed to be the most willing country to participate in organ donation. But reportedly, only 15,000 people receive a kidney transplant each year. It has been said that the total shortage for organs can be diminished if 5 to 10 percent of the people involved in major accidents participate in organ donation. There are many reasons as to why there is such a gap between the donors and recipients which include lack of trust in the facilities for healthcare and awareness, superstitions as well as other socio- cultural reasons.

Price of Kidney

In India, it is considered illegal to sell an organ. The price of a kidney would be approximately over Rs. one lakh. Some people get kidneys from their loved ones and therefore it is free for them. The price of a kidney transplant would be anywhere between Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Lakhs in a private hospital. Kidney transplant receivers also have to take a lot of medication that boosts up the cost.

Many people think that after a kidney transplant, the life span of the donor is reduced. This is not true. Infact, the life span is just like everyone else with only few problems. One healthy and functioning kidney can work as good as two and does not create any problems. However, 98 percent of the people who receive a kidney donation from a living donor live for at least one year whereas this number drops to 90 percent for those who live for five years. Organ donation is something that can bless someone with a new life and provide them with another chance to life. It is a good cause and anyone who is interested amd healthy enough should go for it. It can change someone’s life and give them hope for a better future.

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