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I Want To Sell My Kidney For Money: Kidney Disease; Is It Genetic?

I want to sell my kidney for money: Kidney disease; is it genetic?

Kidney disease; is it genetic?

You have probably thought of the idea I want to sell my kidney for money before, but have you thought about the kidney disease and its causes? According to many health specialists, two main reasons for kidney diseases are high blood pressure and diabetes. So if some of your family members have a medical history with these two issues, then chances are high that you will develop kidney disease as well. Genetics is one reason why African-American, Native American and Hispanic population is more prone to kidney disease than others. If you have developed diabetes, but none of your relatives has this problem, then the chances are low that you will develop kidney disease at some point in your life. Then if your kidneys are healthy you can think about I want to sell my kidney for money.

Interesting fact is that some diseases like the cystic kidney disease are associated with hereditary factors. The cysts are replacing the kidneys` mass and reduce their function, which leads to kidney failure. Sometimes problems with kidneys can be visible even before someone is born. Autosomal recessive cystic kidney disease is a rare disease that affects the nephron formation in kidneys. If someone has this rare kidney disease then chances are very big that their sons or daughters may have it as well. Another thing to know is that symptoms of some kidney diseases may be not visible at first, but may occur after many months or years.

As mentioned, you cannot think I want to sell my kidney for money if you have high blood pressure or diabetes. If you have these problems then you have to go for further examinations and tests to check whether your kidneys are working properly. Sometimes hereditary kidney diseases are not detectable until the child reaches adulthood. Therefore, regular doctor visits and examinations are always necessary.


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