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Directed Donors

Directed Donors

In a directed contribution, the donor particularly names the individual to which they are contributing who will get the transplant. It is the best regular kind of living contribution

Paired Donors

Paired Donors

Likewise called combined kidney exchange, coupled contribution or matched transfer includes a minimum of 2 sets of living kidney donors and transplant prospects that do certainly…

Altruistic Donors

Altruistic Donors

In a non-directed contribution, the living donor is not connected to or understood by the recipient, however, makes his/her contribution simply from generous intentions

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Find Out More About Organ Donors

Find out more about organ donors

Specialists state that the body organs from one donor can conserve or assist as numerous as 50 individuals. Technically, kidney donate for money is illegal in China but anyone can…

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What Causes Kidney Failure

What causes kidney failure

In the human body, the kidney is one of the essential organs. They work to purify the blood and control the fluids and other products in the blood. Without proper…

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Kidney Stones

Kidney stones

Kidney stones developed in the kidney due to the existence of stone forming aspects in the urine. There are four various kinds of kidney stones - uric acid, struvite and…

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Kidney Stones: Symptoms And Causes

Kidney Stones: Symptoms and Causes

Kidney stones are an unpleasant issue which impacts individuals who tend not consume sufficient water. These kinds of stones are developed from minerals that establish in your urine. Many people…

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Kidney Donors

Over the years or history of mankind, the issue of organ failure has been incessant,

As the world changes so do human beings and organs adjust and adapt to changes, human kidney is known as one of the essential organ in Human body, diseases and certain disasters have caused the increase in kidney or organ failure.

It is no longer news that their is shortage in organ donors thereby leaving many who suffers kidney ailments or diseases to untimely death.

It would be a global life saving if their should be a market or platform to legally buy or sell kidneys or other part of human organs for the purpose of saving lives.

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